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installation (oil, acrylic, silkscreen prints on canvas, digital print on polyester fabric, wood, wire, carpet, furniture), various size

a year long deep dive into the idea of inherited memory. each element within this installation is its own little exploration of the place right at the edge of familiarity. those “do i actually remember that? or do i just remember the story?” moments, the “i think i was there, but maybe i’ve just seen pictures” moments, the details that are always just on the tip of your tongue... or the very back corner of your brain. Jewish culture and identity is deeply rooted in nostalgia and the past but also needs individuality and a future focus, and the negotiation between the two brings us to this glitch, this weird space where the memories are fading but we still feel stuck in them. 
the act of walking through this installation is the act of inheriting my memories. you are being placed into the narrative that i’ve lived and learned and it is on you to parse out the familiar and the unknown, to negotiate that in-between-ness. 
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